• Steelco’s cage rack and tunnel washers are a prime example of our dedication to provide safe, ergonomic, high-performing products to our clients. 
  • Steelco’s cage washers offer solutions for sanitizing bottles and cleaning animal and fish containment units.
Steelco and Miele logo.

Cage Rack & Tunnel Washer Small

Steelco is our manufacturing partner that designs laboratory washers and dryers. The AC 7500 cage and rack washer is built into a compact size and features electrical heating and multiple service access points.

Cage Rack & Tunnel Washer Med

Steelco’s AC 8500 cage rack and tunnel washer was built to aid the demands of large laboratories. The AC 8500 cage and rack washers are equipped with fluctuating spray nozzles and multiple cycle circuits.

Cage Rack & Tunnel Washer Large

Our product partner Steelco produces a large full-depth cage rack and tunnel washer called the AC 3500. The AC 3500 cage rack and tunnel washers utilize automatic loading and emptying technology.