What do we do?

Laboratory casework known as the Enterprise Adaptable System.

Our design services exceed the delivery and installation of high-quality products.

From the initial consultation to timely installation, we are on-site, planning, and managing each project step.

We are available to repair and maintain laboratory equipment.

Our business philosophy is to create mutually beneficial relationships between manufacturers and end-users.


  • We plan and estimate for project’s success, whether its collaborating with an architect to offer a competitive bid or offering lab design options to a private company.
  • We construct schematics to fully consider user experience and physical dimensions.
  • To further enhance our client’s insight, we can visit the job site or arrange a guided tour of an existing lab installation.


  • Using AutoCAD or 3D modeling, our drafting staff generates accurate drawings to evaluate design feasibility.
  • Our design service specialists meet all architectural specifications.
  • As technical experts in the industry, architects consult with us to draw detailed elevations.


  • Our exclusive product line allows us to equip laboratories with the highest-quality furniture while staying within budget.
  • We consistently communicate to ensure all products are delivered and arrive in perfect condition as it is scheduled.


  • We deploy manufacturer-certified technicians for product installation to ensure proper function and integration of all components.
  • Our project managers document each phase of completion for quality assurance.
  • We offer service agreements and safety evaluations in order to properly maintain equipment and increase operational success.


  • Our project managers produce and service world-class laboratories.
  • By emphasizing quality over quantity, we build strong relationships with select product manufacturers.
  • We utilize our deep product knowledge to service and repair lab equipment, with accuracy and speed.