• ILS’s family of products from Nederman, including service fittings and fume extraction arms that are engineered for performance and durability.
  • Nederman’s line of products include the Benchtop Extraction Arm Original FX2 and the Extraction Arm Nex D/DX.

BenchTop Extraction Arm

The BenchTop Extraction Arm FX2 by our manufacturing partner Nederman offers high efficiency and flexibility. This product can also be paired with Nederman’s filtration system. These fume extraction arms are made of light-weight material and are best used for general laboratory applications.

Extraction Arm NEX D/DX

Our product partner Nederman provides us with extraction arm and snorkel hood products for testing, filling, milling, and grinding bulk powders, and chemicals. The Extraction Arm NEX D/DX is a specialized dust extractor system and recommended for sensitive and hazardous environments.