• ILS’s fume hoods and ventilated enclosures are made by our manufacturing partner Kewaunee. 
  • Our products include, biological safety cabinets, ductless fume hoods, and laboratory fume hoods.
  • Kewaunee’s line of Supreme Air, Venturi and TruView hoods exceed standard designs. 
  • We also design specialty customizable hoods for limited laboratory spaces. 
Kewaunee scientific logo.

Venturi Air Fume Hoods

Kewaunee’s Venturi hood is the next generation from the Supreme air fume hood family. It features an electromechanical sash stop, LED interior lighting, flush airfoil, energy-efficient.

Biological Safety Cabinets

Our product partner, Kewaunee designs products specifically for the laboratory that meet safety and ergonomics principles. Kewaunee’s biological safety cabinets are built with height-adjustable stands.

Supreme Air Fume Hoods

Kewaunee supplied us with Supreme air fume hoods that are ADA compliant, have self-closing sashes, and assure reliable and safe operation. These hoods are designed for high-performance and energy efficiency.