Our range of high-quality products includes:

  • Casework systems
  • Fume Hoods
  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Glassware Washers
  • Steam Sterilizers
  • Walk-in/reach-in environmental chambers

We are proud that our products help to promote a safe, sterile, ergonomic, efficient work environment designed to accommodate our customer's exacting needs.

Laboratory casework with enterprise system and products.
Manufacturers and Product Solutions
Laboratory Kewaunee Alpha System Stainless Steel.

Alpha Flexible System

Kewaunee designed the Alpha Flexible System as a type of adaptable furniture that provides casework, work-surfaces, support structures, and integrated services. These systems are customizable and complete with plumbing, power, and other service fixtures. 

Laboratory Avenue Seating.

Avenue Seating

For unique needs in cleanrooms and laboratories, BioFit’s chairs feature adjustable control, standard components, and customizations.
The Avenue product line features bumper guards and saddle-shaped chairs.

Laboratory Basket Shelving from Metro.

Basket Shelving

Our product partner Metro designs shelving units that have strong reinforcements and lots of space. Metro’s basket shelving unit has provides plenty of accessible storage, easy adjustments, and mobile or stationary options.

Fume extraction arms.

BenchTop Extraction Arm

The BenchTop Extraction Arm FX2 by our manufacturing partner Nederman offers high efficiency and flexibility. This product can also be paired with Nederman’s filtration system. These fume extraction arms are made of light-weight material and are best used for general laboratory applications.

Pharmaceutical Cabinet and Bin Washers.

Cabinet and Bin Washers

Our product partner, Steelco manufacturers Cabinet & Bin Washers that are equipped to handle the washing and drying of laboratory containers and drums. The LC Series Cabinet Washers are useful in eliminating chemical waste.

Laboratory Closure Processors.

Closure Processors

Steelco offers Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilizers as well as their line of Pharmaceutical GMP Washers. Steelco’s SPE Series Closure Processors preserve consistent sterilization and offer washing, rinsing, and drying phases to eliminate excess material.