• As our manuafcturing partner, Steelco provides us with GMP washing systems that are designed to meet the standards of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing in the pharmaceutical industry.  
  • These products include, Pharma Grade Parts and Glassware Washers, Cabinet and Bin Washers, Trolleys and Washing Carts.

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Parts and Glassware Washers

In addition to GMP Washing Systems, Steelco also supplies Pharma Parts Washers for laboratory spaces. These models are designed with precision cleaning for an optimal performance fit for compact solutions.

Cabinet and Bin Washers

Our product partner, Steelco manufacturers Cabinet & Bin Washers that are equipped to handle the washing and drying of laboratory containers and drums. The LC Series Cabinet Washers are useful in eliminating chemical waste.

Trolleys and Washing Carts

Steelco’s carts and trolleys guarantee effective cleaning and sterilizing solutions. This eliminates cross-contamination and unwanted residues. These carts and trolleys promote load configuration and height adjustability.