• As one of our manufacturing partners, BioCold utilizes the newest technology to develop walk-in controlled environment rooms including cold rooms, warm rooms, and stability rooms. 
  • These environments offer the most accurate results for testing applications. 
Biocold company logo.

Warm Rooms

BioCold’s warm rooms feature ultrasonic vapor generators to control humidity, service control panels, and user-friendly chart recorders. These high-tech warm rooms have a well-structured air filtering system and a continuous refrigeration component.

Cold Rooms

BioCold manufactures temperature specific cold rooms that differ from their reach-in refrigerator counterparts. These cold storage rooms are designed with a balanced hot gas refrigeration system, evaporator fans, airflow handling system and nonslip working surfaces.

Stability Rooms

BioCold’s stability rooms meet FDA/ICH regulations in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. These stability rooms function with temperature sensors and humidity and airflow controlled systems for accurate precision.