• In addition to our existing product lines, Steelco and ILS are now offering Steelco’s Pharma Grade Sterilizers.
  • Steelco’s Terminal Sterilization line includes the Superheated Water Sterilizers and Steam Air Mixture Sterilizers.
  • Other autoclaves include Saturated Steam Sterilizers, Closure Processors, Hot Air Drying Ovens, and Hot Air/Depyrogenation Ovens. 

View all Pharma Product Lines:  Steelco Pharma Products – PDF

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Saturated Steam Sterilizers

Steelco’s Saturated Steam Sterilizers can be used for various applications and are available in flexible configurations. The AV Series sterilizers meet high-performance standards while reducing cycle time and energy consumption in labs.

Superheated Water Sterilizers

The ASW Series Superheated Water Sterilizer is part of Steelco’s terminal sterilization product line. With a heat-sensitivity system, this machine is used to sterilize liquids in bottles, ampoules, vials, semi-open containers, bags, pre-filled syringes.

Steam Air Mixture Sterilizers

Steelco’s terminal sterilization includes the AMS Series Steam Air Mixture Sterilizer. These Steam Air Mixture Sterilizers promote even temperature controls, recirculated water-cooling processes, self-diagnostic cycles, and maintenance outlets.

Closure Processors

Steelco offers Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilizers as well as their line of Pharmaceutical GMP Washers. Steelco’s SPE Series Closure Processors preserve consistent sterilization and offer washing, rinsing, and drying phases to eliminate excess material.

Hot Air Drying Ovens

The Hot Air Drying Ovens EG Series manufactured by Steelco come in a variety of different chamber sizes and configurations. The types of products sterilized by Hot Air-Drying Oven include pellets, powders, and granulates and resist temperatures.

Hot Air Drying/Depyrogenation Ovens

Steelco designs Hot Air Drying/Depyrogenation Ovens as part of their SD Series. This kind of equipment cleans bottles, glass containers, laboratory instruments, and machine parts.