• As their product partner, we promote Steelco’s glassware washer disinfectors and sterilizing machines. 
  • Steelco has various glassware washers available in a variety of sizes including the Lab 500 SC washer, Lab 500 CL, Lab 600, Lab 610, Lab 640 SL, and the Lab 900.
  • We also offer detergeants for these washers. 
Steelco and Miele logo.

Glassware Washer Small

Our laboratory glassware washers, designed by Steelco, provide reliable top-grade cleaning results. The Lab 500 series washer is equipped with an injection washing system, water filtering system, and easy-to-use loading and unloading system.

Glassware Washer Medium

Their products are designed for the laboratory, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.  The Lab 640 SL glassware washers we sell from Steelco feature forced-air dying, multiple washing programs, user-friendly control systems, and an automatic sliding door. 

Glassware Washer Large

Steelco’s laboratory high capacity glassware washers are used for cleaning large quantities of equipment. The Lab 900 model has adjustable washing/drying levels, user-friendly control panels that show the cycle status, and customizable programs.