• BioCold constructs reach-in environmental chambers that fit into compact spaces and offer the flexibility of observing multiple environments at once. 
  • These units include laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, growth chambers, FDA/ICH testing chambers and laboratory incubators. 
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Laboratory Refrigerators

We recommend BioCold’s laboratory refrigerator that ranges in temperature from +4 degrees Celsius to +10 degrees Celsius. This product is equipped with a hot gas refrigeration system, several shelving racks, aluminum, and steel features.

FDA/ICH Test Chambers

BioCold built FDA/ICH stability chambers to endure a range of temperature and humidity controls for maximum testing capabilities. The chambers include high-intensity lighting, programmable ramp, circular chart recorder, and extended temperature ranges.

Growth Chambers

BioCold’s insect growth chambers are equipped with temperature and lighting control, user-friendly displays, and audible adjusting alarm settings.
These growth chambers are necessary for any work with cell regeneration and tissue development.

Laboratory Incubators

Our product partner, BioCold, builds laboratory incubators that can come as small as 12 cubic feet to 85 cubic feet. Incubators are necessary for any work with cell or tissue development where the product needs regulated temperature.

Laboratory Freezers

The laboratory freezers we sell from BioCold are FDA validated, easy to use panel controls, and contain hot gas systems. These stability freezers are temperature-controlled and manage from -25 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius. Popular in the pharmaceutical industries.