ILS is now ISN Certified Certified Supplier logo.

What is ISNetworld?

For those we may not know, ISNetworld (ISN) is a third-party database where companies can review subcontractors and suppliers before deciding to hire them. Large corporations use ISNetworld as a resource for qualifying companies. ISN streamlines the contractors’ and corporations’ screening process for safety and compliance.

What does it mean to be an ISN Contractor?

Innovative Laboratory Systems is ISNetworld compliant. As a certified ISNetworld subcontractor and supplier, we work to make sure our safety documents, tax and insurance certificates, and procurement information are always kept up to date.  World-leading industries require their subcontractors to be ISNetworld certified before allowing them to do any installation or maintenance work at their facilities. Our client list grows every day because corporations know we have completed and maintained the ISNetworld safety, quality, and service requirements. We are proud to be a registered ISNetworld contractor so we can keep building and strengthening relationships with partnered companies.