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Looking for High-Quality Pharmaceutical Grade Products?

We have partnered with Steelco to provide our clients with advanced Pharmaceutical Grade Washers and Steam Sterilizers. Pharmaceutical-grade cleaning systems differ from laboratory cleaning systems because they are held to a higher set of standards. Pharmaceutical grade is related to the manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical companies that produce medicines and treatments. The FDA controls the approval process in creating new drugs and has precise standards and requirements. The pharmaceutical-grade equipment has to comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. These regulations control the design, material, cleanability, and drainage of the equipment to ensure the product is 100% maintained. Steelco designed its pharmaceutical-grade washers and sterilizers with ergonomics and increased productivity in mind. We promote Steelco’s pharmaceutical-grade equipment in addition to our existing cleaning and sterilizing solutions.

Pharma Grade Equipment vs. Laboratory Equipment

  • Pharma Grade equipment have advanced monitoring systems that perform TOC content and spray device rotation which laboratory washers do not.
  • Laboratory washers and sterilizers feature microprocesssor-based control systems and not connected to SCADA systems, but pharma grade equipment have nonprietary comercially control systems that follow GAMP guidelines.
  • Pharma grade equipment requires lots of documentaion to support the construction, installation, and operation of the machines.